Providing students of modest economic means with a college preparatory education aimed at helping young men and women develop the habits of mind and spirit that will enable them to be successful in college, in their careers, and in life.

Providing meaningful opportunities for professionals to interact with and mentor students while making a difference in their lives. Over 100 Cleveland-area businesses, firms, and non-profits have partnered with Saint Martin.

Saint Martin invites students into our school community who are committed to academic, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical growth. During the admissions process, Saint Martin reviews academic, disciplinary, and attendance records, as well as teacher recommendations.

While we are serious about preparing students for college and career success, we also believe that school should be fun! Caring for the whole student, we believe that involvement in extracurriculars is essential to continuing to form talented, well-rounded, and interesting individuals.

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Head Cross Country Coach (Co-ed Team)

Part Time / Posted April 30, 2019

POSITION OPENING: Head Cross Country Coach (Co-ed Team)

REPORTS TO: Director of Student Life

This position is responsible for coaching and providing direction to student athletes so that they might achieve a high level of skill as well as an appreciation for discipline, sportsmanship, perseverance, and teamwork in cross country.


Saint Martin de Porres High School is a Catholic college-preparatory program designed exclusively for students of modest means. Eighty percent of our students will be the first in their extended families to go to college. Our rigorous curriculum, which includes students working in a professional environment, was designed specifically for our school by a committee of prestigious educational leaders. Saint Martin was founded in 2003 and is chartered by the state of Ohio and accredited through the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association. Our mission is to transform urban Cleveland one student at a time and we are committed to the values of work, study, service, leadership and prayer. We are a part of the Cristo Rey Network of schools founded in 2001.

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS:Bachelor’s degree preferred.


The ideal candidate will have coaching experience and an understanding in the sport of cross country.


  • The coach is expected to attend the OHSAA and Saint Martin required meetings and/or events.

  • Each coach is responsible for familiarity with the OHSAA Rules and Regulations that govern his/her sport.

  • The coach is responsible to be familiar with school policies, school schedule and calendars that affect athletic schedules. Each coach will put in writings his/her sport specific rules and policies (i.e. what clothes to wear, consequences for missed practices, communication between coaches, students, and parents, etc) and distribute for the athletes and parents to sign and return to be kept on file in the Director of Student Life’s office.

  • The coach is also responsible for

  • Supervising all athletes in maintaining the Saint Martin philosophy and honoring the values of Work, Study, Serve, Lead, and Pray as defined in the SMDP handbook.

  • Scheduling practices, providing the location and times to students, and cancelling practices with approval from the Director of Student Life and school.

  • Promote the health and safety of all student-athletes at all times. Create a safe environment. Establish procedures to follow if a student becomes injured during participation.

  • Be a model of appropriate language, sportsmanship, and behavior and demand this of all team personnel. Respect and dignify each student as an individual.

  • Establish time demands that acknowledge the primary importance of each student-athlete's academic and family responsibilities. Communicate these demands in a timely manner.

  • Promote among participants and coaches a solid sense of team membership.

  • Encourage students to experience high school in a well-rounded manner. Foster their interests to pursue other options in addition to your specific sport or activity. Speaking in a derogatory fashion about other sports or activities is unprofessional and unacceptable.

  • Maintain an awareness of recent thinking and strategy in their specific sport or discipline.

  • Being present at all practices until the last athlete is picked up.

  • Traveling with team to and from all contests and off site practices (a coach must be on the bus with students).

  • Be available to parents at times that are mutually convenient and in alignment with the athletic department's parent/coach communication guidelines.

  • Follow all OHSAA, LEC and Saint Martin de Porres High School rules and regulations, especially in terms of grades, work, and conduct and enforcing any disciplinary action ordered or initiated by or through school administration.


  • Understands and completely embraces the Saint Martin de Porres High School mission and the Cristo Rey Network's Ten Standards for Mission Effectiveness.

  • Person of faith but not necessarily Catholic.

  • Appreciates that the school is driven by its Catholicity which focuses on the highest level of ethical, moral and social behavior of its students, staff and volunteers.

  • Able and willing to do what it takes to get the job done even if it is not directly related to your job description.

  • Strong sense of being a team player.

Please send resume and cover letter to Mary Sayre at

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