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Saint Martin invites students into our school community who are committed to academic, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical growth. During the admissions process, Saint Martin reviews academic, disciplinary, and attendance records, as well as teacher recommendations.

While we are serious about preparing students for college and career success, we also believe that school should be fun! Caring for the whole student, we believe that involvement in extracurriculars is essential to continuing to form talented, well-rounded, and interesting individuals.

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A Message from Saint Martin de Porres High School

Posted June 01, 2020 in Articles

Dear Friends of Saint Martin,

We are deeply saddened and horrified by the tragic events that we witnessed in our country over the past few weeks. Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been irrevocably impacted by the loss of loved ones, as a result of the evils of persistent, systemic racism and the inequity that still exist in our society. Today, amid the uncertainty and ever changing reality our community faces, our support of our scholars and our community is more critical than ever.

Saint Martin de Porres was founded 17 years ago and continues in its mission today to seek to enhance opportunity, social justice, equity and community through a faith-based lens that establishes that we are all children of the same loving God worthy of the SAME dignity, respect, right to life, and access to resources. The issue of racism feels insurmountable at times. St. Martin, our patron saint and the patron of those seeking racial harmony reminds us that miraculous things can happen when followers of Christ strive for radical love, honesty, and justice. Inspired by his example, we are committed to continued learning, prayer, and action.

We educate and provide students with continual opportunities to engage in the two feet of service, charity and justice, ensuring they understand the importance of both. We help students wrestle with essential questions inside the classroom like What is God’s dream for the world? What does a “just world” look like? and How can I contribute to the creation of a just world? Students are then encouraged to put these questions into action as they engage in weekly service experiences, immersion trips, and activism activities to affect real change in our community.

To our students, families, faculty, and community members of color know that we see you, we hear you, we value you, you matter to us, and we stand alongside you. We stand with the peaceful protestors and will not be deterred by the hurtful, violent actions of a few. In times such as these we are reminded again that it is inadequate to simply not participate in the culture of racism, but that we must actively work to dismantle it. May we continue to follow in Christ’s path of love and walk arm in arm to end the violence and injustice perpetrated against our brothers and sisters.

“...What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8)


President Chaz Napoli and the Saint Martin Leadership Team


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