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WOIO-TV 19: Saint Martin De Porres High School reveals new building

Posted March 15, 2018 in Articles

WOIO-TV 19: Saint Martin De Porres High School reveals new building


Many have noticed the shiny building in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood, it's part of the new St. Martin De Porres High School, which will officially open next month.

It's the first new building in the area in more than a hundred years. It marks a milestone in the rebirth of construction for Northeast Ohio Catholic schools.

"It brings me like, more confidence, you know it gets me excited to come to school everyday," said sophomore, Kimar.

For students and alumni, it's been a long time coming. Enrollment has increased over the years and they've outgrown the space.

About two years ago the school broke ground on the $30 million dollar project and started incorporating some of the old with the new.

Last week the school opened the multipurpose student commons area So far, the students say it's one of their favorites.

"I like the elevator because the old building, walking up all those flights of stairs, it was really tiring," said sophomore, Brandon.

"Tthe new building, there are bathrooms on each floor because we get tired of walking all the way to the first floor and it's just, we like it," said sophomore, Jadah.

"Our students have taken care of our current building over the years, really, really well but now here's another beautiful opportunity to say, this is yours, this a new place for you to stand and protect," said Co-Principal, Ryan Hurley.

Alumni Ricardo Henry knows it. He graduated from in 2009, went on to college and now works for AM Higley, the company constructing the new school. He's thrilled to be working as an engineer on this project. He says, for many, it's more than just a building.

"It's home for me. It's where I was a junior high student and I graduated and I came into the second stage of life which is high school and people are evolving and going through things that make you mature," said Henry.

The students are looking forward to the big reveal next month, where they will finish out their school year.

"It's like, I smelled the new building smell," said Brandon.

On April 23, Bishop Perez will celebrate mass at St. Martin De Porres.

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