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Providing students of modest economic means with a college preparatory education aimed at helping young men and women develop the habits of mind and spirit that will enable them to be successful in college, in their careers, and in life.

Providing meaningful opportunities for professionals to interact with and mentor students while making a difference in their lives. Over 100 Cleveland-area businesses, firms, and non-profits have partnered with Saint Martin.

Saint Martin invites students into our school community who are committed to academic, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical growth. During the admissions process, Saint Martin reviews academic, disciplinary, and attendance records, as well as teacher recommendations.

While we are serious about preparing students for college and career success, we also believe that school should be fun! Caring for the whole student, we believe that involvement in extracurriculars is essential to continuing to form talented, well-rounded, and interesting individuals.

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Joey Miles

Saint Martin’s motto is “Work, Study, Serve, Lead and Pray.” Along with the phrase “Go with God, God goes with you” which is how we close school-wide events and communications, “Work, Study, Serve, Lead and Pray” is probably the phrase most commonly associated with our school. All students are required to Work via the Corporate Work Study Program and to Study as a part of our college-preparatory curriculum. How students pursue Service, Leadership and Prayer varies, and observing each student’s journey through these paths is truly exciting. It is especially gratifying when we observe our students becoming young adults whose lives are marked by these words, and when their lives bear witness to these qualities in a way that invites others to do the same.

Joey Miles graduated from Saint Martin in 2017. One staff member recalls that on Joey’s first day at Saint Martin, he shared a prayer book that he had brought to school with him during their first conversation together. It was the first of many conversations, and he began it by asking if she’d ever read the book. Upon learning that she hadn’t, he immediately lent it to her, identifying the pages she should definitely read.

Three years after that first interaction, the same staff member and Joey were discussing a book his senior Theology class was reading, Fr. Greg Boyle’s "Tattoos on the Heart." The day after their conversation, the staff member found a copy of the book on her desk with a sticky note, signed by the senior Theology Teacher: “Joey mentioned you were interested in reading this. Keep it as long as you’d like.” The book is inspiring and deeply moving on its own. To read it at the recommendation of a student made it feel all the more important!

During his senior year, Joey spent his third consecutive spring break on a service/immersion trip planned by our Campus Ministry Department. Joey travelled to Bethlehem Farm West Virginia for two years, and travelled to Philadelphia with a group of students and adult community members during his senior year. While preparing his application for the program, he approached Campus Ministry with a request. He wanted his grandmother to attend as a participant as well--the past trips had meant so much to him that he wanted to share the experience with her. Our Campus Ministry Staff obliged, and grandmother and grandson were able to share this unique experience together.

In June 2017, Joey’s parents, grandmother and five younger siblings attended his high school graduation, confident in his future and proud that he has worked, studied, served, lead and prayed and, importantly, that he has invited others to do the same. He has asked us to read what he’s reading, to pray what he’s praying and to serve along side him. He has enriched our lives and our community by doing so. Joey is currently studying business at Cleveland State University.


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