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CWS Partner Feature: KeyBank

“Monday’s are the best day of the week because I get to go to work! I wake up in an entirely different mental state compared to waking up for school, and I am excited to go to my job.”

For Saint Martin students like Tracey ‘26, learning does not only take place in the classroom, but in the workplace and world in which she lives. Five days out of the month, Tracey participates in the Corporate Work Study Program at Saint Martin de Porres High School, working at one of 120 Corporate partners across Northeast Ohio. Follow along as we learn about a day in the life of Tracey on her Monday work day at KeyBank.

6:00 AM- Tracey’s alarm goes off and it’s time to wake up. She prepares for her work day by getting dressed and heading out the door.

7:15 AM- A transportation van, provided by Saint Martin, picks up Tracey from her stop and heads to the school. She rides with 13 other Saint Martin students who reside near her. They relax in the van and listen to music on their headphones while the van makes the 30 minute drive from her neighborhood to the school.

7:45 AM- Tracey arrives at Saint Martin and enters the student commons. She talks with her friends and catches up about what she did over the weekend.

7:50 AM- It’s time for prayer and announcements! The Campus Ministry Team leads the freshman class in prayer before the Academic team announces students of the week for each subject.

8:00 AM- The Corporate Work Study Team makes final announcements and invites students to check in to work. Tracey goes up to the desk to let the team know she is there and then heads out to her van in front of the school.

8:15 AM- The van transports Tracey to her work study job. It makes 2 stops to drop off 2 other students at their Corporate Work Study jobs before arriving at Tracey’s stop.

9:00 AM- Tracey arrives at the KeyBank office on Tiedeman Rd. She visits the security desk to obtain her ID badge.

9:03 AM- Before heading up to her desk, Tracey stops at the office’s café to grab a macchiato and a blueberry muffin. She gets the same order every work day!

9:05 AM - Tracey heads up to the Investment Department to meet her supervisor, Gary Linn who is the Integration Manager, KIS. She checks in with him to review the day’s tasks before heading to her desk.

9:10 AM- After settling into her desk, Tracey begins working on her weekly assignment. Her job is to review different documents and ensure the information is accurate across all forms. If something is wrong, her job is to highlight that information and take notes on what is wrong. Information varies from incorrect phone numbers, addresses, employee information, and personal details.

12:00 PM- Tracey’s best friend, E’Nijah ‘26, also happens to work at KeyBank, but in another department. After they complete their morning tasks, they meet up on their lunch break and take turns eating lunch in each of their departments.

1:00 PM- Tracey returns back to the investment department and checks in with her supervisor. He introduces any new projects Tracey needs to complete outside of her usual responsibilities. If there are no new tasks and she is finished with her morning project, Tracey spends time catching up on her school work.

2:00 PM- Corporate Work Study sends an email inviting Tracey to complete her timecard. She fills out the form reflecting on her job performance that day and noting all the tasks she completed.

4:00 PM- It’s time to go home! Tracey says goodbye to her coworkers and heads to her van. On the way back to school, the van stops to pick up other students at their job sites.

4:30 PM- Tracey arrives back at Saint Martin and checks in with the Corporate Work Study team to let them know she has returned from work.

4:35 PM- Tracey boards the Saint Martin transportation van that takes her back to the transportation stop near her house. She heads home to enjoy the rest of her evening including finishing homework, studying for any tests, talking with friends on the phone, and relaxing.

Before starting at KeyBank, Tracey dreamed of going to college to study finance and business with hopes of eventually working in a bank. Her work study experience has confirmed her future goals and solidified the pathway she plans to take. Tracey’s favorite part of her work study job is her amazing coworkers. She appreciates how they create a very warm and welcoming atmosphere and how chatting with them is very easy. Her supervisor Gary, echoes his enjoyment of working with Tracey, “she always comes to work with a smile on her face and is receptive to instructions or guidance that is given to her. Despite this being her first experience in work study, she has picked tasks quickly and asks questions if she is unsure.”

Thank you, KeyBank for partnering with Tracey and helping her become college & career prepared, ready for life!


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