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Providing students of modest economic means with a college preparatory education aimed at helping young men and women develop the habits of mind and spirit that will enable them to be successful in college, in their careers, and in life.

Providing meaningful opportunities for professionals to interact with and mentor students while making a difference in their lives. Over 100 Cleveland-area businesses, firms, and non-profits have partnered with Saint Martin.

Saint Martin invites students into our school community who are committed to academic, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical growth. During the admissions process, Saint Martin reviews academic, disciplinary, and attendance records, as well as teacher recommendations.

While we are serious about preparing students for college and career success, we also believe that school should be fun! Caring for the whole student, we believe that involvement in extracurriculars is essential to continuing to form talented, well-rounded, and interesting individuals.

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CWS Partner Feature: Cleveland Cavaliers

Inviting teenagers to work in a professional office space is not always as easy as it looks. Student associates enter an environment entirely unfamiliar filled with new rules, different people, and foreign expectations, which can cause a difficult transition for some. This was the case for Jeremiah ‘24 who shyly entered the workforce at 15 years old thanks to Saint Martin’s Corporate Work Study experience. Although there was a learning curve at the start, his employer, the Cleveland Cavaliers, did not give up and provided intentional support, check in meetings, and more that gave Jeremiah the tools to grow and be successful in the corporate world.

The Cavs began partnering with Saint Martin in 2008 and has hosted 21 student associates over the years. Working across various departments in the organization, student associates gain valuable skills in community engagement, public relations, human resources, entertainment and more, providing a well-rounded experience for students. As an organization, the Cavs strive to be transformative leaders in their industry through their pillar of civic leadership. Their involvement in the work study program and engaging with high school students allows them to exemplify this pillar on a consistent basis.

Aysia Kemp, Cavs People and Culture Coordinator, alongside her team, work closely with Jeremiah to help him understand the importance of attendance, task engagement, professional dress and communication in the office. Thanks to consistent touchbase meetings and explaining how his simple work tasks lead to broader organizational function, Kemp has watched Jeremiah grow and become a valuable member of the Cavs team. She shares, “What began as a challenge has altered into Jeremiah making leaps and bounds in developing work skills. His communication skills have really improved and he adds a lot of value to our company. It’s important that we are patient with students as they learn these foundational skills now so they will be able to transfer them outside the workplace in whatever path they choose.”

Not only does the organization pour their time and expertise into ensuring Jeremiah is successful, but he also contributes to the organization as well. He provides an extra set of hands to Team Members by completing tasks in an efficient manner and also shares popular trends and insights from a teenage perspective that impacts company decisions. Additionally, the work study experience provides the chance for younger team members to gain managerial experience which has helped with company retention.

The Cavs understand the power of developing the future workforce and Saint Martin’s Corporate Work Study experience provides a perfect avenue for that. Even beyond developing their current student associates, the organization has stayed connected with past students who have now transitioned into other positions at the Cleveland Cavaliers while they earn their college degrees or begin their careers. Kemp shares, "We know Saint Martin prides itself on providing professional development and life skills to its students and we are proud to be an extension of that mission and see the fruits of that labor in each of our students.”


Learn more about the Cleveland Cavaliers at: www.nba.com/cavaliers


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